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♋️New Moon in Cancer♋️ ~The Breaking Point 7/9

The moon rules over the emotions and the psychological processes of our needs. The moon also depicts how you emotionally relate to people and situations. Think of how the tides of the ocean are swayed by the forces of the moon. Our bodies are at least 70% water so naturally we are also swayed by the forces of the moon.

Statistically we see this during times of the full moon when there is an increase in accidents, homicides, and births. With that in mind, we should strive to use this energy to positively affect change in our lives, instead of letting the change simply affect us. Women are naturally more in tune with these energies due to their menstrual cycles however, we all have biorhythms which fluctuate in cycles. These are very helpful to be aware of.

The moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and this sign is noted for its nurturing, caring nature. With Cancer being the sign of the natural 4th house, it is associated with home, family, the inner self, and our ancestral roots.

As with all new moon energy, it is a time to set in place the opportunities for new beginnings, renewal, and change. Could this new moon in Cancer present you with the opportunity to make important changes with your family structure? Maybe it is now time for you to seek some type of therapy for a personal struggle you’ve been battling. Whatever it is. One thing to keep in mind, with all new beginnings there comes some type of ending. So is the circle of life. After winter comes the spring. What will you need to let go of in order to make changes?

The tower card is signaling the ending of that “something”; along with the 10 of swords. The two of swords in indicating that a decision must be made. Uranus is also sextile this new moon so this makes the energy of things more conducive to change. This may also happen quickly whether you initiate it or not, so be aware of that. The rapid pace of change may add some emotional strife and depending upon other alignments in your chart, this may be difficult or easy to pass through.

As with all personal struggles, sometimes we just need someone to talk to. We all have been dealing with a lot from the recent pandemic. It has placed an added burden on all ages (children and adults) alike. If you need help, DO NOT be afraid or embarrassed about seeking treatment or finding someone to talk to. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as taking care of your physical body. The whole stigmatism surrounding that is bullshit and needs to stop. Seeking help does not mean that you have to be doped up on medication and nobody should set a TIME FRAME in which you as an individual need to heal to emotionally and mentally get through something. If you do need to take medication, do not be afraid to take it because you are worrying about what others think. DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

Starting in late July, I will be offering consultations (non astrological related) if anyone is in need of services. At this time, I do not accept insurance and therefore my sessions are reasonably priced. My background is in psychology, counseling, and education and I also hold an M.Ed. To book a session, please visit

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